Tamara Ralph merges her creative DNA into every touchpoint of her designs and a reflection of her creative vision is formed with only the most precious of materials, emblematic craftsmanship and her refined sophisticated eye. Ralph fuses her innate sense of elegance and her attention to detail with her taste for luxury and craftsmanship from couture right through to interiors and furniture creating an all-encompassing lifestyle. From hotels & residencies to retail designs, Tamara Ralph works hand in hand with her clients catering to their individual needs by creating a bespoke concept and design for every project making it a truly unique experience.


Tamara Ralph designed boutiques encased by thousands of alternating metallic strips and illuminated by a breath taking jeweled Murano glass chandelier, an exquisite sculptural staircase leading to a private lounge, offering a unique client experience and orchestrating the perfect balance between visibility and privacy. The boutiques would be often given subtle touches that would mirror the atmosphere of the location itself. Using the most exclusive material and workmanship, Tamara Ralph’s furniture and interiors concepts epitomises luxury and offers an overall sensory experience creating the complete lifestyle element to the Tamara Ralph brand.


Worldwide boutiques catered to an unparalleled client experience.


Discover a curation of the finest material and objects in your home. Customised furniture designs curating a completely unique look and feel - from hotels to residential and commercial properties.