A legacy of craftsmanship, design and creativity built upon four generations. Tamara Ralph propelled her creative reputation from pure passion and a clear vision in 2010, starting from sketching and designing private collections which became famous via word of mouth. Through fostering a mentality of entrepreneurialism in all who she works with, Ralph encouraged disruptive ideas that stood out from the traditional couture market, in which clients and the industry recognized.
Couture is the pinnacle for the unique creative vision, quality and craftsmanship that sits at the heart of all Tamara Ralph’s work and is embedded into the brand's DNA. Guaranteeing the highest level of quality, Ralph works with the expertise of highly skilled artisans and craftsman that share the passion for excellence and channel this into each of the brand's designs. The integrity of Tamara Ralph’s couture pieces is a combination of the finest materials, unparalleled expertise, and her creative vision. Tamara Ralph’s design aesthetic merge classic femininity with modernity, accompanied by bold sophistication and youthful appeal that has won her global acclaim. Couture is all made in-house, with ‘petites mains’ of the highest qualifications and expertise. From design and textiles exploration, to toile construction and final creative, all couture pieces are created from concept to completion combining traditional expertise with modern techniques. The couture category is differentiated through innovation, quality and craft to position itself as the uncompromised embodiment of luxury. Celebrating the juxtaposition of traditional and contemporary inspiration, Tamara Ralph’s exclusive designs and pieces position her alongside some of the most iconic luxury brands.
Bridal couture utilises only the highest echelon of craftsmanship and remains a contemporary reinvention of savoir-faire in Tamara Ralph's work. The garment being completely hand-crafted can take anywhere from 700 to 1300 hours to create. Using the most highest skilled 'petites-mains' in the brand's atelier to bring her inspiration to final fruition, Ralph's team create the intricate details to the more salient, eye-catching aspects. Striving to set new standards by fusing traditional and modern luxury, Tamara Ralph has designed wedding gowns that remain true to her history and heritage in Couture using only the finest of materials and techniques.


Fundamental to her heritage, Tamara Ralph is devoted to ensuring the craftsmanship of Couture is nurtured and the skills are passed on, developed, and modernized.

Intricate details all created by hand are emblematic in Tamara Ralph's designs and emphasis a tireless dedication to couture craftsmanship and savoir-faire that showcases the unique talent that work within her couture atelier.

A juxtaposition between textured detailing and free flowing fabrics, Tamara Ralph's designs showcase craftsmanship that can be appreciated upclose and from afar.

Dedicated to textures, silhouettes and cuts that amplify the female form, Tamara Ralph designs emulate empowered femininity which can be seen throughout the atelier.

Couturiers, under the watchful eye of of Creative Director Tamara Ralph, take each design and shape, then build and sculpt until the toile silhouette is transformed. From sketch to furition, every stage of the look is overseen by specialists within their department.